About Me

My name is Mukunda, I have joined the MDC so that I can share some of my work, improve documentation, and hopefully receive some feedback on projects that I am working on.
  • I am a web developer / programmer
  • I ♥ Firefox
  • I have a boring blog
  • I tag a lot of links on
  • I am writing a Firefox extension:


  • Programming / Web Development
  • Music (Guitar, Bass, Violin)
  • Social Engineering
  • Science and Philosophy

My favorite languages

Cool Tools

  • Browser
Firefox (of course!)...Flock and Konqueror are also pretty nice...
  • Cool Extensions for Firefox
Scrapbook, POW, AllPeers
  • XULRunner Apps
XULRunner Hall of Fame - check out Songbird and Chatzilla!
  • Text Editor (Win32)
Programmers Notepad 2 (Windows) and Kate (Unix/KDE)
  • IDE (Cross Platform)
Komodo Edit
  • File Transfer (SCP/SFTP)
  • Real-time multicast: Chat, Messenger and more
  • Javascript library
  • PHP Library
  • Linux Distro
Ubuntu / Kubuntu
  • Webmail App


Recent Work
Ongoing Projects
Some projects that I contribute to or participate in some way:
Goals / ToDo

For the time being, my rapidly changing list of goals escapes wikification.

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