Network monitor toolbar

The network monitor provides two toolbar areas, one above the main section, and another below.


The toolbar is at the top of the main network monitor window.

It provides:

  • An icon to clear the network request list.
  • A box enabling you to filter requests by URL and by properties.
  • An array of icons to filter the network request list by type:
    • by the content type of the response
    • XHR requests
    • WebSocket upgrades and messages (labeled WS)
  • By default, the Network Monitor is cleared each time you navigate to a new page or reload the current page. You can change this behavior by clicking on the Persist Logs checkbox.
  • A checkbox that allows you to disable caching.
  • Throttling
  • HAR (Logging to an HTTP Archive file, with the extension .har)

A second toolbar area at the bottom of the network monitor provides:

  • An icon to launch performance analysis.
  • A summary of this page, including the number of requests, total size, and total time.

Network Monitor features

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