Template:xref cssinitial

var page = mdn.localString({
    "en-US": "initial_value",
    "de"   : "Initialwert",
    "es"   : "Valor_inicial",
    "fr"   : "Valeur_initiale",
    "ja"   : "initial_value",
    "ko"   : "initial_value",
    "pl"   : "warto%c5%9b%c4%87_pocz%c4%85tkowa",
    "zh-CN": "initial_value",
    "zh-TW": "%e9%a0%90%e8%a8%ad%e5%80%bc",
    "ru"   : "initial_value"

var linkText = mdn.localString({
    "en-US": "Initial value",
    "de"   : "Initialwert",
    "es"   : "Valor inicial",
    "fr"   : "Valeur initiale",
    "ja"   : "初期値",
    "ko"   : "초기값",
    "pl"   : "Wartość początkowa",
    "zh-CN": "初始值",
    "zh-TW": "預設值",
    "ru"   : "Начальное значение"

var link = "<a href=\"/" + env.locale + "/docs/Web/CSS/$1$\">$2$</a>";
<%- mdn.replacePlaceholders(link, [page, linkText]) %>
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