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     - 1 - Interface Name
     - 2 - Source Location relative to @topsrc@/mozilla/
     - 4 - Since [date/milestone] (in unfrozen case, last-changed-in)
     - 5 - Scriptable? (yes/no)
    See MDC:Writing interface reference documentation (/en-US/docs/Project:Writing_interface_reference_documentation) for an elaborate guide on documenting interfaces on MDC.
    */%><code><span class="script">web.html($0)</span></code> is defined in
     <span class="script">wiki.template('tbsource', mediawiki.args([$1]))</span>.
     It is <span class="script">wiki.template(mediawiki.path('InterfaceStatus:Scriptable_' + $4, "en"))</span>
     and <span class="script">wiki.template(mediawiki.path('InterfaceStatus:' + $2, "en"), mediawiki.args([$3]))</span>.
    Search for pages that use Template:thunderbird-InterfaceStatus to see example use cases and how many pages use this macro.

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