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// Inserts the contents of a page into the document. This process is often
// referred to as "transclusion."
// Parameters:
//  $0 - URL of page to insert. Example: "/en-US/docs". Do not use https://etc.
//  $1 - (optional) section name of a section to transclude (rather than the whole page)
//       Can be a section title like "Quick Start", can also be an id attribute
//       like this: <div id="grabme">
//       Example: {{Page("/en-US/docs/MyPage", "grabme")}}
//  $2 - (optional) revision number to pull from. UNSUPPORTED.
//  $3 - (optional) whether or not to show the first heading. Defaults to false.
//  $4 - (optional) the heading level to use as the top heading level; others
//       are adjusted to match.

var url = web.spacesToUnderscores($0);

if ($1) {
    $1 = web.spacesToUnderscores($1);
<%- wiki.page(url, $1, $2, $3, $4) %>
Search for pages that use Template:page to see example use cases and how many pages use this macro.

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