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     * first parameter: inline/method
     * second parameter: additional information required for the type specified by the first parameter
    var s = mdn.localString({
        "en-US": ["Native code only!","This method may only be called from C++; don't use it from JavaScript."],
        "ja":    ["Native code only!", "このメソッドは C++ で内部的に使用されるものです。JavaScript のコード内で使用しないよう、ご注意ください。"]
    switch($0) {
        case 'inline':
            %><span title="<%- s[1] %>" class="inlineIndicator noscript noscriptInline"><%- s[0] %></span><%
        case 'method':
            %><div><span title="<%- s[1] %>" class="indicatorInHeadline noscript noscriptMethod"><%- s[0] %></span><h3><%= $1 %></h3></div><%
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