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    // Load the whole page ( does cache the original page
    var page ={
        "en-US": "en-US/docs/Web/CSS/CSS_values_syntax",
        "ja"   : "ja/docs/Web/CSS/CSS_values_syntax",
        "fr"   : "fr/docs/CSS/Syntaxe_des_valeurs_CSS",
        "de"   : "de/docs/CSS/CSS_werte_syntax",
        "zh-CN": "en-US/docs/Web/CSS/CSS_values_syntax"
    })); // "en-US" is default.
    var re = new RegExp("<\\s*span\\s+id\\s*=\\s*"+'"syntax-'+$0+'"'+"[^>]*>(.*)<\\s*/\\s*span\\s*\\>","igm");
    var result = re.exec(page);
    var missing = mdn.localString({
        "en-US": "Syntax not found in DB!",
        "fr"   : "La syntaxe n'a pas été trouvée !",
        "de"   : "Syntax nicht in der Datenbank gefunden!",
    	"zh-CN": "该属性的语法尚未添加"
    result = (!result) ? missing : result[1];
    %><%- result %>
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