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    var s = mdn.localString({
      "en-US": ["XUL/XUL_Reference",       "XUL Reference home"],
      "de":    ["XUL_Referenz",            "XUL-Referenz Startseite"],
      "es":    ["XUL/Elementos",           "Referencia de XUL"],
      "fr":    ["R%C3%A9f%C3%A9rence_XUL", "Accueil de la référence XUL"],
      "ja":    ["XUL/XUL_Reference",       "XUL リファレンス HOME"],
      "ko":    ["XUL_Reference",           "XUL Reference home"],
      "pl":    ["Dokumentacja_XUL",        "Dokumentacja XUL"],
      "zh-CN": ["XUL_Reference",           "XUL Reference home"]
    var s_href= "/" + env.locale + "/docs/" + s[0];
    %><span class="breadcrumbs xulRefAttr_breadcrumbs">« <a href="<%= s_href %>"><%=s[1]%></a></span>
    Search for pages that use Template:XULRefAttr to see example use cases and how many pages use this macro.

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