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<p><span lang="en" class="lang lang-en"><< <a title="en/XULREF" href="/en/XULREF">XUL Reference</a> << </span><span lang="*" class="lang lang-*"><< <a title="en/XULREF" href="/en/XULREF">XUL Reference</a> << </span><span lang="en" class="lang lang-en">

</span><span lang="*" class="lang lang-*">

</span><span lang="de" class="lang lang-de">

</span><span lang="fr" class="lang lang-fr">

</span><span lang="ja" class="lang lang-ja">

</span><span lang="ko" class="lang lang-ko">

</span><span lang="pl" class="lang lang-pl">

</span><span lang="zh-cn" class="lang lang-zh-cn">