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    /* get the page language */
    var lang = env.locale;
    var title = "Chat Tip";
    var ircServer = "IRC Server: ";
    var ircReader = "IRC Client: eg. ";
    var strOr = "or ";
    var moreInfo = "More Info: ";
    switch(lang) {
      case 'fr':
        title = "Astuce IRC";
        ircServer = "Serveur: ";
        ircReader = "Client IRC: ";
        strOr = "ou ";
        moreInfo = "Plus d'informations: ";
      <dt><%- title %></dt>
      <dd><%- ircServer %><b></b></dd>
      <dd><%- ircReader %><a class="external" href="">SeaMonkey</a> <%- strOr %><a class="external" href="">ChatZilla</a></dd>
      <dd><%- moreInfo %><a class="external" href="">Developer Forums #chat</a> <a class="external" href=""></a></dd>
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