var el = env.locale;

var s_th = mdn.localString({
    "en-US" : ["Property"  , "Type", "Description"],
    "fr"    : ["Propriété" , "Type", "Description"],
    "ja"    : ["プロパティ", "型"  , "説明"]

var s = mdn.localString({
    "ja" : ["イベントターゲット (DOM ツリー内最上位の対象)", "イベントの型", "通常時のバブリングの有無", "イベントのキャンセルの可否"],
    "en-US" : ["The event target (the topmost target in the DOM tree).", "The type of event.", "Does the event normally bubble?", "Is it possible to cancel the event?"]

%><table class="standard-table">
      <th scope="col" width="150"><%- s_th[0] %></th>
      <th scope="col" width="100"><%- s_th[1] %></th>
      <th scope="col"><%- s_th[2] %></th>
 <% if ( $0 != "false" ) { %>
    <td><code>target</code> <%- template("readonlyInline", [])%></td>
    <td><%- template("domxref", ["EventTarget"]) %></td>
    <td><%= $0 || s[0] %></td>
 <% } %>
    <td><code>type</code> <%- template("readonlyInline", [])%></td>
    <td><%- template("domxref", ["DOMString"]) %></td>
    <td><%- s[1] %></td>
    <td><code>bubbles</code> <%- template("readonlyInline", [])%></td>
    <td><%- s[2] %></td>
    <td><code>cancelable</code> <%- template("readonlyInline", [])%></td>
    <td><%- s[3] %></td>
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