// Starts a "Note" box. These are used to provide important notes inline; these are NOT
// meant to be used for endnotes or footnotes.
// Use the "NoteEnd" macro to close the box; everything between this macro and that one
// will be inside the box.
// Parameters
//  None.

var note = mdn.localString({
    "en-US": "Note:",
    "de": "Hinweis:",
    "es": "Nota:",
    "fr": "Note&nbsp;:",
    "ja": "註:",
    "ko": "주의:",
    "pl": "Uwaga:",
    "ru": "Примечание:",
    "zh-TW": "註:"

%><div class="note"><strong><%-note%></strong>&nbsp;
Search for pages that use Template:NoteStart to see example use cases and how many pages use this macro.

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