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// Presents a banner marking a page as covering a topic specific to Mozilla. Intended
// for use on API pages in particular, where the API is intentionally designed for
// Mozilla products.
// Parameters:
//  $0  Explanatory text (optional)
//  $1  Product name (optional)

var mozillaOnly;
var message;
var product = $1 || "Mozilla";

var lang = env.locale;

switch(lang) {
        mozillaOnly = product + " spezifische API";
        message = $0 || "Diese API ist nur in Gecko-basierter Software, einschlie├člich Firefox und Firefox OS, verf├╝gbar.";

        mozillaOnly = product + "-specific API";
        message = $0 || "This API is only available in Gecko-based software, including Firefox and Firefox OS.";
<div class="bannerWrapper">
<div class="mozOnlyBanner">
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