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// Returns a URL for an appropriate logo image given the specified
// inputs. By using this template instead of hardcoded logo URLs,
// we can avoid having to attach logos to pages in order to have them,
// and will be ready to deal with any logo changes over time.
// Parameters:
//  $0  Product name
//  $1  Wordmark option (optional)
//  Product name can be one of:
//      firefox
//      thunderbird
//      firefoxos
//      marketplace
//      mozilla
//  Wordmark flag is one of:
//      none (same as leaving the parameter out, or empty)
//          This returns a URL with only the icon and no text.
//      vertical
//          Returns a URL with an icon above the wordmark.
//      horizontal
//          Returns a URL with an icon next to the wordmark.
//      wordmark
//          Returns ONLY the wordmark, with no logo.
// When the requested kind of logo isn't available, the best substitute will
// be returned. Be ready for cases like "mozilla", which only has a wordmark.

var product = $0;
var wordmark = $1 || "none";

var logos = {
    firefox: {
        none: "/files/5429/firefox.png",
        vertical: "/files/5429/firefox.png",
        horizontal: "/files/5429/firefox.png",
        wordmark: "/files/5429/firefox.png"
    marketplace: {
        none: "/files/5435/marketplace-color.png",
        vertical: "/files/5435/marketplace-color.png",
        horizontal: "/files/5437/marketplace-wordmark-horizontal.png",
        wordmark: "/files/5439/marketplace-wordmark-only.png"
    firefoxos: {
        none: "/files/5429/firefox.png",
        vertical: "/files/5443/fxos-wordmark-vertical.png",
        horizontal: "/files/5441/FxOS-logo-horiz.png",
        wordmark: "/files/5445/fxos-wordmark-only.png"
    mozilla: {
        none: "/files/5447/mozilla-wordmark.png",
        vertical: "/files/5447/mozilla-wordmark.png",
        horizontal: "/files/5447/mozilla-wordmark.png",
        wordmark: "/files/5447/mozilla-wordmark.png"
    thunderbird: {
        none: "/files/5449/thunderbird.png",
        vertical: "/files/5449/thunderbird.png",
        horizontal: "/files/5449/thunderbird.png",
        wordmark: "/files/5449/thunderbird.png"

// Pull out the info from the logo list and return the logo's URL

var item = logos[product];
var url = item[wordmark];
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