<% module.exports = buildAPI({
    // Decompose a URI into its component parts. (Obsoletes uri.parse)
    // [See also](http://developer.mindtouch.com/en/docs/DekiScript/Reference/DekiScript_Functions_and_Variables/Uri.Parts)
    parts: function (str) {
        var p = kuma.url.parse(str, true);
        var out = {
            host: p.hostname,
            port: p.port,
            path: p.pathname.substr(1).split('/'),
            fragment: p.hash,
            query: p.query,
            scheme: p.protocol
        if (p.auth) {
            var auth_parts = p.auth.split(':');
            out.user = auth_parts[0];
            out.password = auth_parts[1];
        return out;
    // Encode text as a URI component.
    // [See also](http://developer.mindtouch.com/en/docs/DekiScript/Reference/DekiScript_Functions_and_Variables/Uri.Encode)
    encode: function (str) {
        return encodeURI(str);
}); %>
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