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    Template:CSS border image

    var s = mdn.localString({
        "en-US" : ["<code>border-image</code> related CSS properties: ", ","],
        "ja" : ["<code>border-image</code> 関連 CSS プロパティ: ", " 、"]
    %><%- s[0] %><%-template("cssxref", ["border-image"])%><%- s[1] %>
    <%-template("cssxref", ["border-image-source"])%><%- s[1] %>
    <%-template("cssxref", ["border-image-width"])%><%- s[1] %>
    <%-template("cssxref", ["border-image-slice"])%><%- s[1] %>
    <%-template("cssxref", ["border-image-repeat"])%><%- s[1] %>
    <%-template("cssxref", ["border-image-outset"])%>
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