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    Template:CSS Reference:Margin

    var str_related_props = mdn.localString({
        "de"   : "Zum Außenabstand verwandte Eigenschaften: ",
        "en-US": "Margin-related properties: ",
        "ja"   : "margin 関連 CSS プロパティ : ",
        "ru"   : "Свойства, связанные с внешними полями: "
    var str_splitter = mdn.localString({
        "en-US": ", ",
        "ja"   : " 、 "
    <%-template("cssxref", ["margin"])%><%=str_splitter%>
    <%-template("cssxref", ["margin-top"])%><%=str_splitter%>
    <%-template("cssxref", ["margin-right"])%><%=str_splitter%>
    <%-template("cssxref", ["margin-bottom"])%><%=str_splitter%>
    <%-template("cssxref", ["margin-left"])%><%=str_splitter%>
    <%-template("cssxref", ["border"])%><%=str_splitter%>
    <%-template("cssxref", ["padding"])%>
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