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    // Begins a table of bug information. Use this, then BugTableRow for each bug
    // in the table, then BugTableEnd to close the table.
    var s_bug = mdn.localString({
        "en-US": "Bug",
        "de"   : "Fehler",
        "ca"   : "Errada",
        "cs"   : "Chyba",
        "ja"   : "バグ",
        "pl"   : "Błąd"
    var s_desc = mdn.localString({
        "en-US": "Description",
        "de"   : "Beschreibung",
        "ja"   : "説明"
    %><table class="standard-table">
                <th><%- s_bug %></th>
                <th><%- s_desc %></th>
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