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Despite all the questions below, this is not the right place for your questions! The mozilla.dev.tech.xul newsgroup is.

Sorry, the link to 'Ten Minute XULRunner Guide' is broken. :( The article itself can be found in webarchive but not the sample it mentions. Could someone fix the links please? - Jack 13:53 GMT, 2005-11-16

it appears that the entire site hosting that article is currently down. Hopefully it will come back up, because there's no way for us to fix that link. -- dria 06:24, 16 November 2005 (PST)

<Monkey 18:03, 23 July 2006 (PDT)> This link seems worthy, I'm just not sure how to add external links or rather, where to add it: http://brian.kingsonline.net/talk/?page_id=182

XULRunner source

--lsloan 10:19, 7 December 2006 (PST)

Where can I find information about accessing the XULrunner CVS or Subversion repository? I wanted to use XULrunner 1.8.1, required for Eclipse Ajax Toolkit Framework (ATF). I can only find links to 1.8.0.x or 1.9aX builds. If I could get 1.8.1 out of a repository, I would build it myself.

See Build Documentation, but this page is not for technical questions. --Nickolay 14:02, 7 December 2006 (PST)


Hey, is still the recommended stable version as this page says? It's been frozen at that number for several months.


Meanwhile, the 'stable nightly' is - pre - what does that mean, better than beta or worse than alpha?

And this page says 1.8.1 'will be' released in Q4 2006. Given it's Q2 2007, was it released? How can I tell if none of these pages make sense?


--Allanbonadio 15:51, 15 April 2007 (PDT)

I believe is the current stable version of XULRunner. My understanding is that 1.8.0.x should be relatively stable, but no-one had time to test and release them. "pre" is usually better than a beta, but you never know for sure.
The Roadmap page is outdated. No release dates for XULRunner, be it 1.8.x or 1.9 are clear, since people are working very hard on the next Firefox release now. You are welcome to try the nightlies if you feel so inclined. --Nickolay 16:34, 17 April 2007 (PDT)

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