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Thunderbird ISP hooks

I notice that a large number of link of this type are dead: http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-centr...mingServer.idl

The following link seems to be good: http://mxr.mozilla.org/aviarybranch/...mingServer.idl

I try to do some changes without succes and cancel everything :-(


Can you help with the configuration of the name of the spam folder for imap account? I didn't find any information about this, and I think it should be defined here cause it is an important tunning...

--cameleon, 17 december 2008


BTW: There's also a related page for auto-configuring e-mail at http://wiki.mozilla.org/Tb:Autoconfiguration.

--PeterLairo 05:00, 6 March 2008 (PST)


You have to write an entire extension in order to specify account settings as an ISP? And that's considered "easy"? Are you kidding?

No, you don't need a full fledged extension, only a RDF file containing the preferences. This file can be installed as an extension which is good imho because it leverages the same system as every other component which is added to Mozilla. You don't need to code a single line of Javascript, just look at the example configuration. --Felix.Schwarz 02:48, 23 August 2007 (PDT)

We are using an ISP hook, but we want to let the user type in the email address in the wizard explicitly since we use special aliases at our university and it's not username@domain.edu. Any advice on how to enhance the wizard or do an ldap lookup from an ISP hook? thanks, Bruce

<h7 name=".3D.3D">==</h7> In terms of distibution options, if one wants to unpack the self-extracting binary available from mozilla.com, add their custom .rdf file and then repack the files into a self-extracting binary, does one need to become a 'distribution partner'? See: http://www.mozilla.org/foundation/tr...on-policy.html

If one doesn't pack the .rdf file with the binary, it seems they have to run the installer, cancel from the account wizard which starts automatically upon first startup, download the .rdf file or if packaged as an extension, install the extension, and then use Tools, Account Settings, Add Account to find create a new account using the customized account information from the .rdf or extension definition. Seems somewhat painful.

Anyone for other methods to make things a bit smoother? NancyV

Is there any way to specify that the username for IMAP/POP/SMTP should be the full email address?  smtpUserNameRequiresDomain and incomingServerUserNameRequiresDomain use the default domain for the server (and this is displayed in the GUI) but my users all have their own domains, therefore their usernames are "user@example.com" and not "user@server.com".  I've had a look at the source and this doesn't seem possible, short of modifying a function and adding an option. edeca

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