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SVG in Firefox

Can we get an example of what HTML to use to embed the SVG object into your HTML page? I'm currently dissatisfied with

<object data="circuits.svg" width=800 height=500>

because I have not figured out how to have a shrunken version of a .SVG file. Clearly there are other parameters to the <object> tag I need to understand to get rid of those silly scroll bars.



What's about text-decoration? I tried something like

<text x="20" y="200" fill="blue" text-decoration="underline">some text</text>

and it didn't work.

Regards -- Manuel (Diskussion) 03:49, 9 June 2006 (PDT)

Old versions

It would be useful to have some kind of indication of what is supported in older versions of gecko & which browsers use which version. For instance, if I wanted to write an application targetting Firefox 1.5, what can I do / can't I do?

DOM interface to <use> element

I observed (FF2.0/macosx) that instances of SVGUseElement don't have instanceRoot or animatedInstanceRoot properties - that is that the properties aren't present (in Venkman or DOM inspector), not that the properties are null. The closest existing bug I found was bug 265895, but that isn't quite the same. The SVG spec has an example that exhibits the behaviour.

Dorian Taylor

alignment-baseline / dominant-baseline of <text> element

The table shows that the alignment-baseline property of the <text> element is not implemented.  However, according to the SVG 1.1 specs, this property is not applicable to the <text> element.  You might mean the dominant-baseline property (which does not appear to have any effect in Firefox 3.5).  Maybe the dominant-baseline property is not implemented in the <tspan> or the <textPath> element, either, but I have never used them.  --fcp July 4, 2009

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