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Notes Kevin Lim 08.11.2011

The search input needs some sort of other attribute to make the search box render as a search box.  It's not clear what would be autocompleted with a search box. There's no description of how the search values get stored.

Compatibility needs to be updated for Chrome.


List of "input types" - HTML5 tags

The items in the "type" list were followed by the plain text (HTML5). I replaced these tags with the HTML5 item. I'm not sure if this was the right call or not, so feel free to change it back if it looks out of place. Another possibility may be to put the tag directly after "type name", something along these lines:

  • color: HTML5 A control for specifying a color.
  • date: HTML5 A control for entering a date (year, month, and day, with no time).
  • datetime: HTML5 A control for entering a date and time (hour, minute, second, and fraction of a second) based on UTC time zone.


IQAndreas 16 Jun 2011

Previously, we used the HTML5 template only in <dt> elements, not in body text. Otherwise, it starts to look (even more) like confetti fell on the page :-) However, I like your idea of moving the label right after the value, rather than at the end of the description.

jswisher 16 June 2011

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