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Controlling spell checking in HTML forms

It would be really great if there was an actual text area on this page to allow users to test the spellcheck feature. I notice that the [| wiki syntax] does not allow this html to be included, so does anyone know a way this could be put on the page? Loquaciously 13:44, 17 August 2006 (PDT)

Well, one could make a simple HTML testcase and get it uploaded by filing a bug. --Nickolay 11:09, 24 August 2006 (PDT)

Can someone make it so that you don't only have one global dictionary, but rather you're able to set one for one domain/page that is in one language, and another for another? I'm writing in a few different languages every day, and I think it's a bit annoying that I keep getting red lines whenever I'm not writing in English (or, if I change my dictionary to some other language, I get red lines when writing in English...)

I am wondering if it is possible to change some of the words in my dictionary? I mean, I accidentally clicked "add to dictionary" on a word that is spelled completely wrong. How can I go back and change it, so that the spell-checker doesn't think that the word is actually correct?

The personnal dictionnary is located here (firefox

* GNU/Linux : /home/[user]/.mozilla/firefox/[profile_id].default/persdict.dat
* Microsoft Windows : C:/Documents and Settings/[user]/Application Data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/[profile_id].default/persdict.dat

--Grosronan 06:11, 17 February 2008 (PST)

Invalid HTML

This results in the HTML being invalid, would it not be better to have some form of <meta> tag or similar to disable spell checking on a whole page. --Ratty 15:46, 22 October 2006 (PDT)

Or even a CSS attribute to control it for individual elements. This is presentation after all. There's lots of Gecko-specific CSS attributes already, so there's precedent (and allowance for custom attributes in the CSS spec). --Justdave 13:54, 2 December 2007 (PST)

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