Introduction to XUL—How to build a more intuitive UI

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What is this page for? Has it been imported from somewhere? The XUL tutorial and XUL sections already describe XUL and provide an overview. There shouldn't be other pages that do so. - Enn

Hello, I'm willing to create and upload the missing/TODO Figures from this article. However, while the captured pngs (using import) seem to display okey, the wiki seems to resize them and hence they are looking a bit blurry. Is there a remedy for that ? Thanks. -- abrown

Yes, you can specify the actual dimensions to use when displaying the images. After uploading the image by clicking the "Attach a file or image" link in the "Files" section of the page near the bottom, click the "Insert/Edit Image" button in the toolbar, pick the image, then click the "Original" radio button for the size. Sheppy 07 August 2009


Well, we're told that there are two types of boxes: "vbox" and "hbox". Then in listing 2, a third type shows up: "box", which gets it's direction through ... well, we're not told how: The example is about orient, but there's no "orient" in the listing there, and we're supposed to compare two examples, but there is only one. Could someone who knows about boxes take a look? Mysha

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