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I edited this page because I found an issue with how the matrix transform function is actually applied to elements.  I don't mean to step on anyone's toes but the application of -moz-transform: matrix(a, b, c, d, tx, ty) is wrong.  It's really -moz-transform: matrix(a, c, b, d, tx, ty);

It's applied by columns, not rows otherwise the results are counterintuitive to the element's local coordinate system.  I outlined my finding in further detail at this page: http://someguynameddylan.com/lab/transform-origin-in-internet-explorer.php#other-findings


I deeply apologize. I edited this page so that it became less gecko-oriented, more vendor neutral. After that I tried to rename the title from "-moz-transform" to "transform" by moving the page to the new url. And I've done wrong. Now the page is hanging under /en/ not /en/CSS/ ...

Could anyone move it to the "correct" page (/en/CSS/tranform)?

- myakura


I've moved the page into the proper place in the hierarchy. I'm not sure why Sheppy reverted your edits, so I'm leaving them reverted until he gets back from vacation (mid-July) and I can ask him about it.

jswisher 01 July 2011


jswisher, thanks a lot!

The revert was done by me, not Sheppy. I'm not sure why his name was on the log (perhaps that's the Deki way?)

Anways, again, thank you very much :-)

- myakura



Aside from the hiccup with moving the page, your edits to make it more vendor-neutral looked OK to me (though I didn't verify them vs. the spec). So, either you or I can revert the revert, if you want :-) That won't affect the page location.

jswisher 7 Jul 2011

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