Kevin Lim 07.28.2011

Needs live example. Check accuracy. Need editing. 

Meggin 11.21.2011

--Is pointer-events exclusive to mouse events? 
w3.org on pointer devices:
Many systems support pointer devices such as a mouse or trackball. On
systems which use a mouse, pointer events consist of actions such as
mouse movements and mouse clicks. On systems with a different pointer
device, the pointing device often emulates the behavior of the mouse by
providing a mechanism for equivalent user actions, such as a button to
press which is equivalent to a mouse click.
--How does pointer-event processing work when visibility 
isn't taken into account? 
In the introduction, it would be good to 
contrast the visible values from the values that do not take
visibility into account, for example, when painted value 
is applied to an element rather than visiblePainted. 
The following statement from here makes me a bit confused as to how
elements that aren't visible could still be targets of a mouse event:


"When an element is not displayed (i.e., when the ‘display’ property 
on that element or one of its ancestors has a value of none), 
that element cannot be the target of
pointer events."




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