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    This makes sense to me - but where I run into problems is -retrieving- CSS element data.

    Basically what I have found is that I cannot read the values that were set in the CSS file. Once the value is set via javascript I can read it in javascript, otherwise, I'm out of luck. Any suggestions are welcome.

    Here is an example:

    In the CSS file:

    #square {
     position: fixed; 
     width: 20em;
     height: 20em;
     border: 2px inset gray;
     margin-bottom: 1em;
     left: 200px;
     top: 200px;
     background-color: green;

    Change the javascript:

    function doDemo (button) {
     var square = document.getElementById("square")
     alert("BackgroundColor: " +;  // Returns nothing = "#fa4"
     alert("BackgroundColor: " +;  // Returns #fa4 as expected  
     button.setAttribute("disabled", "true")
     setTimeout(clearDemo, 2000, button)

    -- Spark343

    This is not a good place to discuss JavaScript programming techniques. I suggest one of mozillaZine's Development forums is probably a better place.

    Briefly, there are three ways to work with CSS in JavaScript. This page shows the third way: "working with an individual element in the DOM—modifying its style independently of the document's stylesheets". You cannot work with a value in a stylesheet this way.

    To work with a value in a stylesheet you can use the first two ways. For example, you can write:


    Additionally, the window can find an element's current style. For example, you can write:

    alert(window.getComputedStyle(square, "").backgroundColor)

    -- Rod Whiteley 02:19, 7 April 2006 (PDT)

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