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font-family: -moz-fixed ???

Is there a difference between { font-family: -moz-fixed } and { font-family: monospace } and if there is, what is it? -- Tonymec 22:23, 27 May 2008 (PDT)

template.cssxref() broken

What's going on?? The CSS links are dead here and elsewere, eg., etc.  User:Jürgen Jeka 2009-08-16

One of the servers was down for a bit. It's fixed now. Sheppy 16 August 2009

DOESN'T WORK, clear cache!  j.j.

Need a legend

It's hard to understand both the meaning of the red/blue colors on properties (no legend) and if the boxed annotation ('required Gecko 1.9.2', 'obsolete', 'New in Firefox 3') refer to the above or below item.

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