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Accessible Rich Internet Applications

XHTML 1.1 Role Attribute Values

The recently released working draft for the XHTML 1.1 Role Attribute Module 1.0 proposes several new values for the role attribute, among them role="navigation". Are there any plans to build them into Firefox? --Martin Kliehm 06:32, 22 September 2006 (PDT)

Those types of landmark roles are exposed by Firefox to assistive technologies, and are in the DOM. While currently none of the assistive technologies do anything with those roles, they could. We don't currently have any plans to do anything with them in Gecko/Firefox, but we'd listen to ideas. If you have a solid idea of what should be done with those roles, please file an RFE (Request For Enhancement) bug under bugzilla.mozilla.org, Product=Core, Component=Disability Access.

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