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<h2 name="RSS_Use_Cases"> RSS Use Cases </h2>
<p>This section contains common RSS <i>use cases</i>.  It is intended to help people understand why the RSS format is the way it is.  Help people understand what the RSS format should become.  And help give developers more insight.
<h3 name="Use_Cases_Between_RSS_Aggregators_and_RSS_Feeds"> Use Cases Between RSS Aggregators and RSS Feeds </h3>
<ul><li> <a href="en/RSS/Use_Case/Polling_RSS_Feeds">Polling RSS Feeds</a>
</li><li> <a href="en/RSS/Use_Case/Figuring_out_which_version_of_RSS_0.91_you_have">Figuring out which version of RSS 0.91 you have</a>
</li><li> <a href="en/RSS/Use_Case/How_to_Handle_Enclosures">How to Handle Enclosures</a>
</li><li> <a href="en/RSS/Use_Case/HTTP_MIME_Type_Handling">HTTP MIME Type Handling</a>
<h3 name="Use_Cases_Between_Users_and_RSS_Feeds"> Use Cases Between Users and RSS Feeds </h3>
<ul><li> <a href="en/RSS/Use_Case/Subscribing_to_an_RSS_Feed">Subscribing to an RSS Feed</a>
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