Pylons is one recommended Python Web framework (there are many). The Socorro Breakpad server uses it. Pylons is based on WSGI, a common Python web interface, so many libraries work with it.

Pylons provides a very productive development environment, similar to Ruby On Rails, by providing its own HTTP server. This means all development dependencies can be downloaded with a few commands, pages are automatically reloaded after editing Python files or templates, and there's even an AJAX debugger on the 500 screens. When an error occurs, you see a traceback like this:



By expanding one of the '+' symbols, a text box appears that functions as a Python console.



This feature allows you to inspect each frame of the Python backtrace, and even modify your application's state.



Useful Web Libraries

AuthKit is a plugin useful for authentication.

SQLAlchemy is an excellent SQL/ORM library.

Genshi is a powerful templating language that provides an XML-based template syntax as well as one geared toward plain text. It can generate HTML4 from XML, resulting in maximum compatibility for clients, while maintaining a tight XML pipeline on the server.

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