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<p>If you're looking for a way to help improve our documentation but don't know where to start, I suggest you check the following categories to see if any pages have been flagged as needing attention:
<ul><li> <a href="Special:Tags?tag=NeedsExample&amp;language=en">Category:NeedsExample</a>
</li><li> <a href="Special:Tags?tag=NeedsTechnicalReview&amp;language=en">Category:NeedsTechnicalReview</a>
</li><li> <a href="Special:Tags?tag=NeedsEditorialReview&amp;language=en">Category:NeedsEditorialReview</a>
</li><li> <a href="Special:Tags?tag=NeedsUpdate&amp;language=en">Category:NeedsUpdate</a>
</li><li> <a href="Special:Tags?tag=NeedsRewrite&amp;language=en">Category:NeedsRewrite</a>
</li><li> <a href="Special:Tags?tag=NeedsContent&amp;language=en">Category:NeedsContent</a>
<p>Should there be nothing there you want to work on, you're welcome to read the <a href="Project:en/How_to_Help">How to Help</a> page for more ideas.
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