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<p>MDN is powered by <a class="external" href="">Kuma</a>, a Django-based collaboration software platform written by Mozilla.</p>
  <li><a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Getting_started_with_Kuma" title="/en-US/docs/Project:Getting_started_with_Kuma">Getting started with Kuma</a>: information about the platform; differences between Kuma and the Mindtouch Deki platform</li>
  <li><a href="/en-US/docs/Project:MDC_editor_guide" title="/en-US/docs/Project:MDC_editor_guide">The MDN editing interface</a>: keyboard shortcuts; description of interface components and functions</li>
  <li><a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Introduction_to_KumaScript" title="/en-US/docs/Project:Introduction_to_KumaScript">Introduction to KumaScript</a>: the Kuma template language</li>
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