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MDN:How to help
"MDC Project"
"MDC Project"

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n88      <table border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" style="tan88      <div class="table-layout">
>ble-layout: fixed; width: 100%;"> 
89        <tbody>89        <div class="section">
90          <tr>
91            <td valign="top">
92              <h4 id="To_add_tags">90          <h4 id="To_add_tags">
93                To add tags91            To add tags
94              </h4>92          </h4>
95              <ol>93          <ol>
96                <li>Login to MDN.94            <li>Login to MDN.
97                </li>95            </li>
98                <li>Click Edit to enter editing mode.96            <li>Click Edit to enter editing mode.
99                </li>97            </li>
100                <li>Scroll to the bottom of the page.98            <li>Scroll to the bottom of the page.
101                </li>99            </li>
102                <li>In the Tags box, type the tag that you want t100            <li>In the Tags box, type the tag that you want to ad
>o add. Tags can contain spaces.>d. Tags can contain spaces.
103                </li>101            </li>
104                <li>Press Enter to accept the tag.102            <li>Press Enter to accept the tag.
105                </li>103            </li>
106                <li>Click Save Changes when you are done.104            <li>Click Save Changes when you are done.
107                </li>105            </li>
108              </ol>106          </ol>
109            </td>107        </div>
110            <td valign="top">108        <div class="section">
111              <h4 id="To_remove_tags">109          <h4 id="To_remove_tags">
112                To remove tags110            To remove tags
113              </h4>111          </h4>
114              <ol>112          <ol>
115                <li>Login to MDN.113            <li>Login to MDN.
116                </li>114            </li>
117                <li>Click Edit to enter editing mode.115            <li>Click Edit to enter editing mode.
118                </li>116            </li>
119                <li>Scroll to the bottom of the page.117            <li>Scroll to the bottom of the page.
120                </li>118            </li>
121                <li>Click the X next to the tag you want to delet119            <li>Click the X next to the tag you want to delete.
122                </li>120            </li>
123                <li>Click Save Changes when you are done.121            <li>Click Save Changes when you are done.
124                </li>122            </li>
125              </ol>123          </ol>
126            </td>
127          </tr>
128        </tbody>124        </div>
129      </table><!--125      </div><!--
t148    <table class="topicpage-table" style="clear: both;">t144    <div class="cleared topicpage-table">
149      <tbody>145      <div class="section">
150        <tr>
151          <td>
152            <h2 id="Documentation">146        <h2 id="Documentation">
153              Documentation147          Documentation
154            </h2>148        </h2>
155            <dl>149        <dl>
156              <dt>150          <dt>
157                Lists151            Lists
158              </dt>152          </dt>
159              <dd>153          <dd>
160                <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Documentation_Wishli154            <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Documentation_Wishlist">
>st">Documentation wishlist</a>>Documentation wishlist</a>
161              </dd>155          </dd>
162              <dd>156          <dd>
163                <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:To-do_list">Editing/157            <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:To-do_list">Editing/revi
>review to do list</a>>ew to do list</a>
164              </dd>158          </dd>
165              <dd>159          <dd>
166                <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Existing_Content">Mi160            <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Existing_Content">Migrat
>gration list</a>>ion list</a>
167              </dd>161          </dd>
168              <dd>162          <dd>
169                <a href="            <a href="
>keywords=dev-doc-needed">Bugzilla doc-needed list</a> and <a href>ords=dev-doc-needed">Bugzilla doc-needed list</a> and <a href="/e
>="/en-US/docs/Project:Notes_on_doc-needed_bugs">Notes on doc-need>n-US/docs/Project:Notes_on_doc-needed_bugs">Notes on doc-needed b
>ed bugs</a>>ugs</a>
170              </dd>164          </dd>
171            </dl>165        </dl>
172            <dl>166        <dl>
173              <dt>167          <dt>
174                Guides168            Guides
175              </dt>169          </dt>
176              <dd>170          <dd>
177                <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Getting_started">Get171            <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Getting_started">Getting
>ting started</a>> started</a>
178              </dd>172          </dd>
179              <dd>173          <dd>
180                <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Writer's_guide">Writ174            <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Writer's_guide">Writer's
>er's guide</a>> guide</a>
181              </dd>175          </dd>
182              <dd>176          <dd>
183                <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Topic_drivers">Topic177            <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Topic_drivers">Topic dri
> drivers</a>>vers</a>
184              </dd>178          </dd>
185              <dd>179          <dd>
186                <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Page_Naming_Guide">P180            <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Page_Naming_Guide">Page 
>age naming guide</a>>naming guide</a>
187              </dd>181          </dd>
188              <dd>182          <dd>
189                <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Tracking_documentati183            <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Tracking_documentation_i
>on_issues">Tracking documentation issues</a>>ssues">Tracking documentation issues</a>
190              </dd>184          </dd>
191              <dd>185          <dd>
192                <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Writing_interface_re186            <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Writing_interface_refere
>ference_documentation">Writing interface reference documentation<>nce_documentation">Writing interface reference documentation</a>
193              </dd>187          </dd>
194              <dd>188          <dd>
195                <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Compatibility_tables189            <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Compatibility_tables">Co
>">Compatibility tables</a>>mpatibility tables</a>
196              </dd>190          </dd>
197              <dd>191          <dd>
198                <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Disambiguation">Disa192            <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Disambiguation">Disambig
>mbiguation pages</a>>uation pages</a>
199              </dd>193          </dd>
200              <dd>194          <dd>
201                <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Localization_Project195            <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Localization_Projects">S
>s">Starting a new MDC localization</a>>tarting a new MDC localization</a>
202              </dd>196          </dd>
203              <dd>197          <dd>
204                <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Newsgroup_summaries"198            <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Newsgroup_summaries">Cre
>>Creating newsgroup summaries</a>>ating newsgroup summaries</a>
205              </dd>199          </dd>
206              <dd>200          <dd>
207                <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Creating_FAQs">Creat201            <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Creating_FAQs">Creating 
>ing FAQs</a>>FAQs</a>
208              </dd>202          </dd>
209              <dd>203          <dd>
210                <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Copyrights">Copyrigh204            <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Copyrights">Copyrights a
>ts and licensing</a>>nd licensing</a>
211              </dd>205          </dd>
212            </dl>206        </dl>
213            <dl>207        <dl>
214              <dt>208          <dt>
215                References209            References
216              </dt>210          </dt>
217              <dd>211          <dd>
218                <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:MDC_style_guide">MDC212            <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:MDC_style_guide">MDC sty
> style guide</a>>le guide</a>
219              </dd>213          </dd>
220              <dd>214          <dd>
221                <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:MDC_editor_guide">MD215            <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:MDC_editor_guide">MDC ed
>C editor guide</a>>itor guide</a>
222              </dd>216          </dd>
223              <dd>217          <dd>
224                <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Custom_CSS_Classes">218            <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Custom_CSS_Classes">Cust
>Custom CSS classes</a>>om CSS classes</a>
225              </dd>219          </dd>
226              <dd>220          <dd>
227                <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Custom_Templates">Cu221            <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Custom_Templates">Custom
>stom templates</a>> templates</a>
228              </dd>222          </dd>
229              <dd>223          <dd>
230                <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:External_Redirects">224            <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:External_Redirects">Exte
>External redirects</a>>rnal redirects</a>
231              </dd>225          </dd>
232              <dd>226          <dd>
233                <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Needs_Redirect">Need227            <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Needs_Redirect">Needs re
>s redirect</a>>direct</a>
234              </dd>228          </dd>
235            </dl>229        </dl>
236            <p>230        <p>
237              <span class="alllinks"><a href="/Special:Tags" titl231          <span class="alllinks"><a href="/Special:Tags" title="S
>e="Site Tags">View All...</a></span>>ite Tags">View All...</a></span>
238            </p>232        </p>
239          </td>233      </div>
240          <td>234      <div class="section">
241            <h2 id="Community">235        <h2 id="Community">
242              Community236          Community
243            </h2>237        </h2>
244            <div class="note">238        <div class="note">
245              For technical discussions about Mozilla technology,239          For technical discussions about Mozilla technology, ple
> please use <a class="external" href=">ase use <a class="external" href="
>unity/developer-forums.html">one of the Mozilla development forum>y/developer-forums.html">one of the Mozilla development forums</a
246            </div>240        </div>
247            <p>241        <p>
242          You can read and post discussions about MDN documentati
248              {{ DiscussionList("dev-mdc", "") }}243          {{ DiscussionList("dev-mdc", "") }}
249            </p>244        </p>
250            <ul>245        <ul>
251              <li>246          <li>
252                <a class="link-irc" href="irc://            <a class="link-irc" href="irc://
>evmo">#devmo on</a>>">#devmo on</a>
253              </li>248          </li>
254              <li>249          <li>
255                <a class="link-mailto" href="mailto:eshepherd@moz250            <a class="link-mailto" href="mailto:eshepherd@mozilla
>">Eric Shepherd, Developer Documentation Lead</a>>.com">Eric Shepherd, Developer Documentation Lead</a>
256              </li>251          </li>
257              <li>252          <li>
258                <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Promote_MDC">Promote253            <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Promote_MDC">Promote MDC
> MDC</a>></a>
259              </li>254          </li>
260            </ul>255        </ul>
261            <h2 id="Tools">256        <h2 id="Tools">
262              Tools257          Tools
263            </h2>258        </h2>
264            <ul>259        <ul>
265              <li>260          <li>
266                <a href="">Wikipedia 261            <a href="">Wikipedia tool
>toolbar Firefox extension</a>>bar Firefox extension</a>
267              </li>262          </li>
268              <li>263          <li>
269                <a href="">Spel264            <a href="">Spellbou
>lbound spell-checker Firefox extension</a>>nd spell-checker Firefox extension</a>
270              </li>265          </li>
271            </ul>266        </ul>
272            <h2 id="Related_Topics">267        <h2 id="Related_Topics">
273              Related Topics268          Related Topics
274            </h2>269        </h2>
275            <ul>270        <ul>
276              <li>271          <li>
277                <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Frequently_Asked_Que272            <a href="/en-US/docs/Project:Frequently_Asked_Questio
>stions">MDC FAQ</a>>ns">MDC FAQ</a>
278              </li>273          </li>
279              <li>274          <li>
280                <a href="/Special:Tags?tag=MDC_Project&amp;langua275            <a href="/Special:Tags?tag=MDC_Project&amp;language=e
>ge=en" title="Special:Tags?tag=MDC Project&amp;language=en">MDC p>n" title="Special:Tags?tag=MDC Project&amp;language=en">MDC proje
>roject pages</a>>ct pages</a>
281              </li>276          </li>
282            </ul>277        </ul>
283          </td>
284        </tr>
285      </tbody>278      </div>
286    </table>279    </div>

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