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    Creating FAQs


    If you have any questions about anything related to the creation of FAQs, please ask on or email

    How to create a FAQ

    If you would like to help write a FAQ, the process is very simple:

    1. Pick the Topic you would like to write a FAQ for.
    2. Look for that Topic's FAQ page, which should be named "[Topic] FAQ", e.g.: XPCOM FAQ
    3. If the page does not exist yet, you can create it by following the directions outlined here.
    4. Add your question and answer to the page using the following format, with the question as a third-level subheading, and the answer as regular text below it. See the example in the yellow box, below.
    5. If it makes sense to break the FAQ up into subsections, feel free to do so. Until there are a relatively large number of questions on the list, however, it probably won't be necessary. Eventually, after the FAQs get particularly long, we will look at breaking them up into smaller subdocuments, but for now don't worry about that too much.

    Example entry

    How do I start a new page?

    The easiest way to start a new page is to create a link for it on your user page, then use that link to enter into the "Edit" mode for the page.

    To get to your user page, click on your user name in the top blue bar of the wiki. If you haven't added anything to your user page, you'll be brought immediately into the editing form for the page where you can add whatever content you like.

    Creating a link to the page you want to add is as simple as writing the title for the page enclosed with double square brackets, like this: [[Here is an example]]. When saved, that will be turned into a link, like this: Here is an example.

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