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    Returns the number of ticks per second currently used to determine the value of PRIntervalTime.


     #include <prinrval.h>
     PRUint32 PR_TicksPerSecond(void);


    An integer between 1000 and 100000 indicating the number of ticks per second counted by PRIntervalTime on the current platform. This value is platform-dependent and does not change after NSPR is initialized.


    The value returned by PR_TicksPerSecond() lies between PR_INTERVAL_MIN and PR_INTERVAL_MAX.

    The relationship between a PRIntervalTime tick and standard clock units is platform-dependent. PR_PR_TicksPerSecond() allows you to discover exactly what that relationship is. Seconds per tick (the inverse of PR_PR_TicksPerSecond()) is always between 10 microseconds and 1 millisecond.

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