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    Asks the runtime to allocate a unique identity for a layer identified by the layer's name.


    #include <prio.h>
    PRDescIdentity PR_GetUniqueIdentity(const char *layer_name);


    The function has the following parameter:

    The string associated with the creation of a layer's identity.


    The function returns one of the following values:

    • If successful, the PRDescIdentity for the layer associated with the string specified in the layer named layer_name.
    • If the function cannot allocate enough dynamic memory, it fails and returns the value PR_INVALID_IO_LAYER with the error code PR_OUT_OF_MEMORY_ERROR.


    A string may be associated with a layer when the layer is created. PR_GetUniqueIdentity allocates a unique layer identity and associates it with the string. The string can be subsequently passed to PR_CreateIOLayerStub to create a new file descriptor of that layer.

    Call PR_GetUniqueIdentity only once for any particular layer name. If you're creating a custom I/O layer, cache the result, and then use that cached result every time you call PR_CreateIOLayerStub.

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