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    Determines the number of bytes (expressed as a 32-bit integer) that are available for reading beyond the current read-write pointer in a specified file or socket.


    #include <prio.h> 
    PRInt32 PR_Available(PRFileDesc *fd);


    The function has the following parameter:

    Pointer to a PRFileDesc object representing a file or socket.


    The function returns one of the following values:

    • If the function completes successfully, it returns the number of bytes that are available for reading. For a normal file, these are the bytes beyond the current file pointer.
    • If the function fails, it returns the value -1. The error code can then be retrieved via PR_GetError.


    PR_Available works on normal files and sockets. PR_Available does not work with pipes on Win32 platforms.

    See Also

    If the number of bytes available for reading is out of the range of a 32-bit integer, use PR_Available64.

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