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    #include <plhash.h>
    typedef PRIntn (PR_CALLBACK *PLHashComparator)(
      const void *v1,
      const void *v2);


    PLHashComparator is a function type that compares two values of an unspecified type. It returns a nonzero value if the two values are equal, and 0 if the two values are not equal. PLHashComparator defines the meaning of equality for the unspecified type.

    For convenience, two comparator functions are provided. PL_CompareStrings compare two character strings using strcmp. PL_CompareValues compares the values of the arguments v1 and v2 numerically.


    The return value of PLHashComparator functions should be of type PRBool.

    See Also

    PL_CompareStrings, PL_CompareValues

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