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    Note: This function is only implemented on Mac OS X.

    Requests that the browser free a specified amount of memory.


    #include <npapi.h>
    uint32 NPN_MemFlush(uint32 size);


    The function has the following parameters:

    Size of memory, in bytes, to free in the browser's memory space.


    • If successful, the function returns the amount of freed memory, in bytes.
    • If no memory can be freed, the browser returns 0.


    The plug-in calls NPN_MemFlush() when it is not possible to call NPN_MemAlloc(), for example, when calling system APIs that indirectly allocate memory. To request that the browser free as much memory as possible, call NPN_MemFlush() repeatedly until it returns 0.

    On the Mac, you can use this method to free memory before calling memory-intensive system calls.

    In general, plug-ins should use NPN_MemAlloc() to allocate memory in the browser's memory space, since this function automatically frees cached data if necessary to fulfill the request.

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