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    Substructure of NPPrint that contains platform-specific information used during full-page mode printing.


    typedef struct _NPFullPrint
        NPBool pluginPrinted; /* true: print fullscreen */
        NPBool printOne;      /* true: print one copy */
                              /*       to default printer */
        void*  platformPrint; /* Platform-specific */
    } NPFullPrint;


    The data structure has the following fields:

    Determines whether the plug-in prints in full-page mode. Values:
    • true: Plug-in takes complete control of the printing process and prints full-page.
    • false: (Default) Plug-in renders its area of the page only (for embedded plug-in).
    Not currently in use. Should always be false.
    • true: Print single copy of page to the default printer.
    • false: Display print dialogs so user can choose printer, other options.
    Platform-specific printing information.
    • Mac OS: THPrint
    • MS Windows: Printer's device context


    The NPP_Print function passes the plug-in a pointer to an NPPrint object (previously allocated by the browser). The NPFullPrint structure is used when the mode field of NPPrint is set to NP_Full.

    The pluginPrinted field of this structure determines whether the plug-in prints in full-page mode or not. If you want the plug-in to take complete control of the printing process, it should print the full page and set the field pluginPrinted to true before returning.

    If you want an embedded plug-in to simply render its area of the page, set pluginPrinted to false and return immediately; the browser calls NPP_Print again with the NPEmbedPrint substructure of NPPrint.

    See Also

    NPP_Print, NPPrint, NPEmbedPrint

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