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    This section is a reference to the program definitions used by the Plug-in API. All program definitions are found in npapi.h.


    Error Codes

    Code Value Description
    NPERR_NO_ERROR 0 No errors occurred
    NPERR_GENERIC_ERROR 1 Error with no specific error code occurred
    NPERR_INVALID_INSTANCE_ERROR 2 Invalid instance passed to the plug-in
    NPERR_INVALID_FUNCTABLE_ERROR 3 Function table invalid
    NPERR_MODULE_LOAD_FAILED_ERROR 4 Loading of plug-in failed
    NPERR_OUT_OF_MEMORY_ERROR 5 Memory allocation failed
    NPERR_INVALID_PLUGIN_ERROR 6 Plug-in missing or invalid
    NPERR_INVALID_PLUGIN_DIR_ERROR 7 Plug-in directory missing or invalid
    NPERR_INCOMPATIBLE_VERSION_ERROR 8 Versions of plug-in and Communicator do not match
    NPERR_INVALID_PARAM 9 Parameter missing or invalid
    NPERR_INVALID_URL 10 URL missing or invalid
    NPERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND 11 File missing or invalid
    NPERR_NO_DATA 12 Stream contains no data
    NPERR_STREAM_NOT_SEEKABLE 13 Seekable stream expected

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