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<p>{{ gecko_minversion_header("1.9.3") }}</p>
<p>{{ draft() }}</p>
<p>This page will be getting reformatted as work continues; please ignore the untidiness.</p>
<ul> <li><a href="/en/js-ctypes/Using_js-ctypes/Loading_a_library" title="en/js-ctypes/Using js-ctypes/Loading a library">Loading a library</a></li> <li><a href="/en/js-ctypes/Using_js-ctypes/Declaring_types" title="en/js-ctypes/Using js-ctypes/Declaring types">Declaring types</a></li> <li><a href="/en/js-ctypes/Using_js-ctypes/Working_with_data" title="en/js-ctypes/Using js-ctypes/Working with data">Working with data</a></li>
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