js-ctypes allows application and extension code to call back and forth to native code written in C. C++ support is possible through vtable pointers see Using COM from js-ctypes. For a discussion on extended C++ support see bug 505907. Other work made possible by js-ctypes is JNI, this is elaborated on in the JNI.jsm section and not the js-ctypes section due to the JSM abstracting away all of the js-ctypes. Unlike binary XPCOM components, it allows developers to ship a single binary for use with multiple versions of Firefox.

Note: js-ctypes is only available from chrome code; that is, ctypes is not available to websites, only application and extension code.


If you are brand new to js-ctypes, and have no idea about it, the pages you should read first is - ctypes.open followed by Standard OS Libraries.

Using JS-Ctypes
JS-ctypes Reference
A reference guide to the js-ctypes API.

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Add to iPhoto
A Firefox extension that uses js-ctypes to call Carbon and Core Foundation framework routines on Mac OS X to implement an "Add image to iPhoto" feature in Firefox.
Using C structs and pointers
Using COM from js-ctypes
Using Objective-C from js-ctypes
Github :: ochameau / jscpptypes
A mangling library to use C++ from js-ctypes



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