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    Write Your Own Thunderbird MozMill Test

    This page is not complete.

    This page attempts to be a basic guide to writing your own Thunderbird MozMill Test.

    Getting the existing MozMill tests Running

    Currently you need:

    Once you have both of those, cd into your object directory (of what?) and try running MozMill:

    make mozmill

    If you want to run just one set of tests rather than all of them, then you can do:

    make SOLO_TEST=content_policy mozmill-one 

    The file mozmilltests.list tells you the available sets of tests.

    If the tests don't pass, check the Tinderbox to ensure that the code you pulled is passing. You may also be seeing one of a few intermittent failures which are tracked from this bug.

    Write Your Own Test

    Now that you've got the tests running, you can start writing your own. When you need to do a mozmill test, you have several options:

    • Modify an existing test
    • Write a new test file in an existing test set
    • Write a new set of tests (even if it just contains one file)

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