Thunderbird 7 for developers

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This content covers features introduced in Thunderbird 7

This page lists the changes in Thunderbird 7 that are relevant for developers. For changes that are relevant to end users, see

Gecko 7.0

Thunderbird 7 is based on Gecko 7.0. The Firefox 7 page has details on the significant changes to Gecko.

Changes for Mozilla and add-on developers

For helpful tips on updating existing extensions for Thunderbird 7, see Updating extensions for Firefox 7. There are several key changes that break compatibility with existing add-ons, so be sure to read that article.

Attachment API

Attachment objects in the reader (formerly createNewAttachmentInfo) are now called AttachmentInfo. Related functions (e.g. saveAttachment) have been replaced with methods (e.g.

Address Book RDF Obsolescence

The deprecated RDF interfaces for accessing and manipulating address books have been removed.  Any and all address book manipulation should now be carried out solely through the nsIAbManager.  See the Address Book Interfaces article for more details.

Backend changes


Other Changes


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