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    This element is the body of the tree. For content trees, the content will be placed inside this element. This element is also used to define container rows in the tree.

    More information is available in the XUL tutorial.



    alternatingbackground Obsolete since Gecko 2.0
    Type: boolean
    If true, the background of the tree's rows will alternate between two colors. You can use the :-moz-tree-row CSS style to do this instead.

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    <tree flex="1">
        <treecol id="sender" label="Sender" flex="1"/>
        <treecol id="subject" label="Subject" flex="2"/>
            <treecell label=""/>
            <treecell label="Top secret plans"/>
            <treecell label=""/>
            <treecell label="Let's do lunch"/>
    tree, treecols, treecol, treeitem, treerow, treecell and treeseparator.

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