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    <preferences> is a container for <preference> elements. It's supposed to be a child of <prefpane> element.

    <preferences> element should contain one or more <preference> elements.

    Note: it's not clear which of the following methods and properties are public.


      <preference id="pref_one" name="" type="bool"/>
      <preference id="pref_two" name="extensions.myextension.two" type="string"/>
        ... etc ...


    These ought to be readonly; three of these could be merged into a single member

    attribute nsIPrefService service; 
    The preferences service.
    attribute nsIPrefBranch rootBranch; 
    The root prefs branch.
    attribute nsIPrefBranch defaultBranch; 
    The root branch of the tree with default values.
    attribute nsIPrefBranch2 rootBranchInternal; 
    The root prefs branch (nsIPrefBranch2).

    Inherited from XUL element
    align, allowevents, allownegativeassertions, class, coalesceduplicatearcs, collapsed, container, containment, context, contextmenu, datasources, dir, empty, equalsize, flags, flex, height, hidden, id, insertafter, insertbefore, left, maxheight, maxwidth, menu, minheight, minwidth, mousethrough, observes, ordinal, orient, pack, persist, popup, position, preference-editable, querytype, ref, removeelement, sortDirection, sortResource, sortResource2, statustext, style, template, tooltip, tooltiptext, top, uri, wait-cursor, width


    Inherited Properties
    align, attributes, allowEvents, baseURI, boxObject, builder, childElementCount, childNodes, children, className, clientHeight, clientLeft, clientTop, clientWidth, collapsed, contextMenu, controllers, database, datasources, dir, firstChild, firstElementChild, flex, height, hidden, id, lastChild, lastElementChild, left, localName, maxHeight, maxWidth, menu, minHeight, minWidth, namespaceURI, nextElementSibling, nextSibling, nodeName, nodeType, nodeValue, observes, ordinal, orient, ownerDocument, pack, parentNode, persist, prefix, previousElementSibling, previousSibling, ref, resource, scrollHeight, scrollLeft, scrollTop, scrollWidth, statusText, style, tagName,textContent, tooltip, tooltipText, top, width


    void fireChangedEvent(in DOMElement preference); 
    Creates and dispatches a changed (non-bubbling) event to the specified preference element. Also executes code specified in onchanged attribute of the element. See also the description of change event of <preference>.
    void observe(in nsISupports aSubject, in string aTopic, in wstring aData); 
    nsIObserver method used internally to react to changes to preferences listed as children of this element.

    Inherited Methods
    addEventListener(), appendChild(), blur, click, cloneNode(), compareDocumentPosition, dispatchEvent(), doCommand, focus, getAttribute(), getAttributeNode(), getAttributeNodeNS(), getAttributeNS(), getBoundingClientRect(), getClientRects(), getElementsByAttribute, getElementsByAttributeNS, getElementsByClassName(), getElementsByTagName(), getElementsByTagNameNS(), getFeature, getUserData, hasAttribute(), hasAttributeNS(), hasAttributes(), hasChildNodes(), insertBefore(), isDefaultNamespace(), isEqualNode, isSameNode, isSupported(), lookupNamespaceURI, lookupPrefix, normalize(), querySelector(), querySelectorAll(), removeAttribute(), removeAttributeNode(), removeAttributeNS(), removeChild(), removeEventListener(), replaceChild(), setAttribute(), setAttributeNode(), setAttributeNodeNS(), setAttributeNS(), setUserData


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