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    A container that usually contains menu elements. On the Macintosh, the menubar is displayed along the top of the screen, and all non-menu related elements inside the menubar will be ignored. To look native (at least on Windows), the menubar element needs to be placed inside a toolbox element.

    More information is available in the XUL tutorial.

    grippyhidden, statusbar
    accessibleType, statusbar


    <menubar id="sample-menubar">
      <menu id="action-menu" label="Action">
        <menupopup id="action-popup">
          <menuitem label="New"/>
          <menuitem label="Save" disabled="true"/>
          <menuitem label="Close"/>
          <menuitem label="Quit"/>
      <menu id="edit-menu" label="Edit">
        <menupopup id="edit-popup">
          <menuitem label="Undo"/>
          <menuitem label="Redo"/>


    SeaMonkey only
    Type: boolean
    When set to true, the grippy will be hidden. When set to false, the default, the grippy will be shown.
    Type: id
    If you set this attribute to the id of a statusbar element, the label on the statusbar will update to the statustext of the items on the menu as the user moves the mouse over them.


    Type: integer
    A value indicating the type of accessibility object for the element.
    Type: id of statusbar element
    Gets and sets the value of the statusbar attribute.

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    menu, menuitem, menulist, menupopup, menuseparator

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