loadURIWithFlags( uri, flags, referrer, charset, postData )
Return type: no return value
Load a URL into the document, with the specified load flags, the given referrer, character set, and POST data. In addition to the flags allowed for the reloadWithFlags method, the following flags are also valid:
  • LOAD_FLAGS_IS_REFRESH: This flag is used when the URL is loaded because of a meta tag refresh or redirect.
  • LOAD_FLAGS_IS_LINK: This flag is used when the URL is loaded because a user clicked on a link. The HTTP Referer header is set accordingly.
  • LOAD_FLAGS_BYPASS_HISTORY: Do not add the URL to the session history.
  • LOAD_FLAGS_REPLACE_HISTORY: Replace the current URL in the session history with a new one. This flag might be used for a redirect.

(See nsIWebNavigation.loadURI() for details on the referrer and postData parameters.)

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